Pickles & Preserves

How are preserves made?


Our traditional pickles and preserves are carefully crafted using traditional recipes to deliver the maximum in taste and freshness. These products offer a variety of flavors to suit any palate and can be enjoyed as part of a healthy diet that is low in sodium and sugar, two common ingredients found in many processed foods on grocery shelves today.


Our pickles and preserves make a unique addition to your pantry collection.


Capers Non-Pareille with Salt 


Capers are the flower buds of a perennial plant that grows on the coast of Morocco. Their tiny size and concentrated flavor mean that less caper is needed to pack a punch. We think you'll love this nonpareil variety, grown without chemicals and harvested at their peak—they're all-natural! This condiment is sought after by gourmet chefs and home food preparation aficionados.


Organic food is one of the best ways to eat more nutritiously. Even if you don't know what organic means, if you try our cornichons, french-style, you definitely will appreciate the taste. As for its healthful character, organic foods are not the same as ordinary foods that contain organic additives. It refers to foods produced using only natural renewable resources and that have not been processed or changed in any way.


Chef’s Choice Premium Selected Chestnut Pure 


Now that you have tried roasted chestnuts, you’ll never eat sweetened chestnuts again. Our Chef’s Choice Chestnut Pure is an extract from the ripest chestnuts in the fall harvest. Available as a rich, creamy liquid concentrate in a glass bottle with an easy-pour spout, it is perfect for stirring into hot beverages or drizzling over ice cream.