Artisan Oils

What Artisan essential oils are made from


Therapeutic grade 100% Natural essential oil products. Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants/fruit. We use biodynamic growing practices on seeds and nuts to get artisan essential oils. This means no pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, or chemicals of any kind are applied to our plants.


Can you consume essential oils?


Artisan oils are the essence extracted from aromatic plants. Each drop carries the story of plants and plants.. The oil is lightly filtered and bottled in a protective tin can to preserve freshness. It is the energy supplement of the human body, indulging in smell and caring for health. Add the flavor of La Tourangelle to any meal.   


La Tourangelle Artisan Pumpkin Oil


Our artisan pumpkin oil is one of our most exclusive options. This oil adds a rich nutty taste in salad dressing and drizzle in pasta. La Tourangelle Artisan Pumpkin Oil makes the ordinary meal extraordinary. Clearing heat and removing the toxin, cleaning the skin, eliminating fatigue, soothes the pulse, and is very helpful for insomnia.


Grape Seed Oil


Grapeseed oil has a number of health benefits, ranging from anti-aging to antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. This versatile oil can be used at home in many ways, from cooking to cosmetics.

Grapeseed oil is monounsaturated fat, meaning it is a healthy alternative to cooking compared to saturated, animal fats and oils. It contains half the saturated fat content of olive oil, which is considered a healthy oil. It has a high smoke point, so it is great for frying and frying at high temperatures.

Grapeseed oil has antioxidant compounds called polyphenols and procyanidins. Polyphenols are also in tea, berries, and chocolate.