French Traditional Sauces

Organic Mayonnaise with Olive Oil


Organic Mayonnaise with Olive Oil is a combo of rich, creamy mayo with eggs,  filtered water, organic honey, distilled vinegar, sea salt, organic mustard, lemon juice, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil goes beyond delicious to sensational! Entertain yourself with a spoonful of grilled artichokes or as a topping for shrimp or lobster salad.


Caramel Sauce for French Toast


Caramel sauce is a rich source of calories; calories from fat, protein, carbohydrates, and fiber. It is a mixture of sugar, egg, cream, butter, and salt; making over medium-low heat, constantly mixing until butter melts and sugar dissolves. It contains low amounts of cholesterol, iron, sodium, and calcium. Serve this caramel sauce to guests and enjoy every juicy bite.


Seafood Cocktail Sauce


This is the real flavored version of Marie Rose. The sauce itself has flavor; it’s spicy and kind of savory, with more fragrances of flavor because there are more ingredients in this. Try our other basic French sauces from different recipes we’ve shared that will go great with organic tartar sauce and organic aioli sauce. Let’s enjoy these juicy, fresh dishes which are great just as they are.


French Butter Sauce for Steak


Liven up your steak and toast with French Steak Sauce. This smooth, butter sauce for steak is created by carefully blending cold-pressed organic butter, sugar, eggs selected from farms where animal welfare is a priority. The result is a delicious, ethical French Sauce that’s ideal to use as a dressing or spread. You will remember how much you enjoyed it.