Extracts & Flavours

What is the organic natural flavor?


Organic flavors are herbal liquid solutions with alcohol because fresh or dried herbs are mixed with alcohol and solids are removed, so that only the natural oils are mixed with the alcohol. This process is called extraction and hence the oil left at the end is called the organic extract. These ingredients can be marketed as alternative medicine and food ingredient and are commonly used to add flavor to the baking process.


Liquid Organic Extracts


These extracts are formulated by spraying water with plant ingredients and can be found in almost every home cupboard for one purpose or another. One of the best advantages of these materials is their ability to be stored for a long time and to preserve their components.

In addition, these extracts can be easily and conveniently added to water, juice, and tea or eaten directly. If you do not have time, make your own, then the liquid organic extract is a practical product for you.

All organic extracts are processed from quality dried and fresh plant ingredients and extracted with authorized grape alcohol and organic grain. The process used for the manufacture of these materials involves careful detailing, insurmountable integrity, and unique methods of extraction.


Single Natural flavor Ingredients


These extracts are made by collecting plants to make a certified line of organic products from certified organic fields and are planted at a maximum time for the highest quality and fresh single extract. This is a great development in the herbal industry as it uses the certified organic alcohol of grapes to extract the medicinal properties of plants and other components.


Combination of Organic Flavor Extracts


These ingredients are believed to be of the highest quality available in the market. No corn or grains are used in the preparation of these ingredients so they are beneficial for people suffering from gluten or allergies. Due to the organic ingredients used to make these ingredients, they are not only healthy but also delicious.