Mediterranean Essentials

What are Mediterranean Essentials?


Mediterranean Essentials is a great selection of all time favourites, from shores of Beirut to the south of Italy, we picked the best and made them available for you here! 


Stone Ground Tahini


Stoneground tahini, also known as sesame paste, is one of the first products to be created from grinding the seeds. Tahini has been used for medicinal and culinary purposes in Middle Eastern countries for hundreds of years. The oils found in tahini are rich in nutrients needed for a strong immune system and cardiovascular health. It is also used as an energy booster and appetite suppressant. Tahini is a vital ingredient in many recipes such as hummus, halva, baba ghanouj; it even makes its way into dessert recipes like halva ice cream!


Chef’s Choice Pomegranate Molasses


Chef’s Choice Pomegranate Molasses is all-natural and contains a very large spectrum of flavours. It is low in sodium and has no fat, making it a wonderful substitute for salad dressing. Just a small amount of this sweet syrup makes any dish sweeter and tastier, and it gives you 6% of your daily dose of vitamin C.


Chef's Choice Orange Blossom Water 


“All natural” is at the heart of Chef's Choice orange blossom water. Delicately flavored gourmet water is made from hand-picked orange blossoms grown in the orchards of Lebanon and put in a water distiller with a special filter to extract just the subtle flavours.